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Subject: FW: We are approaching critical mass regarding voting fraud.
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 18:00:55 -0700
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Various bits of information are coming out hourly. Some is from Bev Harris, rest from others. It appears that two brothers, Urosevich, are in upper management in both Diebold and ES & S. I would urge people to start watching the thread at Democratic Underground: 

The following information begins with June 29 and then becomes more current. Dan Spillane has joined in and reveals more (his post is further down). This manipulation of vote counting is spreading internationally. Same companies are also selling their machines and software to other countries. Election results don't correspond with pre-election polls, same as happened here in 2002. 
From Bev Harris: Possibly as far back as 1980. 

It is a hack for BOTH optical scan and touch screen systems, and impacts at least 30 states. 

Todd Urosevich: I just googled ES&S, because the name wasn't familiar to me, and what came up first was a forum which included the following: 

ES&S has eight different tabulation products: 

http://www.essvote.com/index.php..._exec_id=4   Todd Urosevich is Vice President, Aftermarket Sales 

He managed the installation of comprehensive systems for Multnomah County (Portland), Oregon; Bexar County (San Antonio), Texas; Travis County (Austin), Texas; Dallas County (Dallas), Texas; and the state of Hawaii. 

Urosevich established the ES&S Election Management Training Center (EMTC) school, a state of the art facility for new and existing users of ES&S products. 

NOTE: Maybe William F. Welsh is the most interesting character, because he worked for General Electric,  then comes Urosevich, who seems to be the technical supervisor. 

http://pub103.ezboard.com/fsoldiervoicefrm4.showMessage'topicID=12 .to ic 


From: http://www.dissidentvoice.org/Articles/Landes_Ambush.htm  

According to his press office, in 1995 Chuck Hagel resigned as CEO of  American Information Systems (AIS), the voting machine company that counted the votes in his first Senatorial election in 1996. In January 1996 Hagel resigned as president of McCarthy & Company, part of the McCarthy Group that are one of the current owners of Election Systems and Software (ES&S), which itself resulted from the merger of AIS and Business Records Corporation. According to publicist/writer Bev Harris, Hagel is still an investor in the McCarthy Group. ES&S is now the largest voting machine company in America. One of its largest owners is the ultra-conservative Omaha World-Herald Company. 

ES&S, the largest voting machine company in America, claims to have counted 56% of the vote in the last four presidential elections. Again, it's owned by the ultra-conservative Omaha World-Herald Company, the McCarthy Group, and former owners of Business Records Corporation. ES&S was created from a merger between American Information Systems (AIS) and Business Records Corporation. Bob and Todd Urosevich founded AIS in the 1980's. Bob is now president of Diebold-Global, while brother Todd is a vice president at ES&S. Business Records Corp. was partially owned by Cronus, a company that seems to have a lot of connections to the notorious Hunt brothers from Texas, as well as other individuals and entities, including Rothschild, Inc.. Right wing Republicans Howard Ahmanson (who financed AIS) and Nelson Bunker Hunt have both heavily contributed to The Chalcedon Institute, an organization that mandates Christian "dominion" over the world. 

Advanced Voting Solutions is the new name of another scandal-ridden voting company, Shoup Voting Solutions. Their current top management, Howard Van Pelt and Larry Ensminger, were executives for Diebold-Global until late last year (stickdog's note: They were on ES&S officers for years as well). Officers of Shoup Voting Machine Co. were indicted for allegedly bribing politicians in Tampa, Florida in 1971, according to the San Francisco Business Times. Ransom Shoup was convicted in 1979 of conspiracy and obstruction of justice related to an FBI inquiry into a lever machine-counted election in Philadelphia. Shoup got a three-year suspended sentence. Meanwhile, Philadelphia has bought new voting machines from Danaher-Guardian, which appears to only sell voting machines formerly known as the "Shouptronic." 

Danaher-Guardian is owned by billionaire brothers Steven M. and Mitchell P. Rales, who were described by columnist Jack Anderson in 1988 as "a pair of corporate raiders out of Washington DC." Again, Danaher-Guardian appears to only sell formerly Shouptronic voting machines. Diebold-Global's current president, Bob Urosevich, was the co-founder of American Information Systems which became ES&S. As mentioned before, Diebold-Global's top managers, Howard Van Pelt and Larry Ensminger, recently moved to Advanced Voting Solutions-Shoup. 

From Dan Spillane: 

I had a message from Bev on my answering machine. 

I called her back right away. I have kept independence from this particular issue up to this point. The area of electronic voting is like pandora's box. 

I am the whistleblower "Dan" (see black box website) who found problems at the national auditor for these systems (most states affected), and am the one who filed the lawsuit. This industry-wide, auditor problem in itself is *very* serious, and I have been wrestling with whether or not there are criminal aspects involved. 

I am an experienced software engineer with over 20 years experience, with mission-critical systems. 

To review: there already appears to be systemic fraud with the voting system auditors. But now, if there is a documented case of a "hack" or "back door" or other "unused code" in place, as is claimed, it would bring elections via these machines into serious question. 

You see...the rules for constructing these machines explicitly prohibit unused or "dead" code, for good reason. 

By logical implication, any hack ("unused") voting machine code is considered part of the voting system, and all the votes are subject to it. So the very existence of this code (whether or not proven that it is utilized) is a very serious matter. 

Related to this, Greg Palast newly claims that there were problems related to election 2000, and these same types of systems, with a back door (read: GWBush controversy all over again?) 

http://www.alternet.org/story.html'storyID=16172  "Here’s the real scoop: All races of voters make errors on paper ballots. But in white  counties like Leon (Tallahassee), if you make a stray mark or other error, the vote machine rejects your ballot, and you get another ballot to vote again. But in black counties like Gadsden, you make a mistake and the machine quietly accepts and voids your ballot." 

>>>Keep in mind that state officials---and the auditors I caught cheating---are responsible for machines in both the white and black counties<<< 

Adding all this up: could mean is that there is long-standing, pre-meditated fraud, crossing the line into appointed and elected officials (and incestuously mixed with corporate executives). 

I have to say, I have sensed a strong will from the election directors, and the secretaries of state, to avoid the issue of accountability. In fact, despite my whistleblowing, not a single official has contacted me, which is odd, given the high stakes, and their STATUTORY (binding, legal) responsibility for elections. 

After my review, I may have to explicitly withdraw and reverse my media statement when I said that "I didn't think there was widespread fraud in elections"---given the apparently large scope, with explicit case. 


Dan Spillane Seattle, WA "DanSLegal@aol.comm


****Poll by Atlanta Journal Constitution/WSB-TV of 800 likely voters on Nov. 1 For Georgia Governor Roy Barnes (D) 51% Sonny Perdue (R) 40% 

** "Official Results" from the 'Diebold Electronic Voting Machines' on Nov. 5 Roy Barnes (D) 46% Sonny Perdue (R) 51% 


****Poll by Atlanta Journal Constitution Nov. 1 for Georgia Senate Max Cleland (D) 49% Saxby Chambliss (R) 44% 

**"Official Results" from the 'Diebold Electronic Voting Machines' Max Cleland (D) 46% Saxby Chambliss 53% 


****Poll by MSNBC/Zogby on Nov. 3 for Colorado Senate Tom Strickland (D) 53% Wayne Allard (R) 44% 

** "Official Results" Tom Strickland (D) 46% Wayne Allard (R) 51% 


****Minneapolis Star-Tribune Poll on Nov. 3 for Minnesota Senate Walter Mondale (D) 46% Norm Coleman (R) 41% 

** "Official Results" Norm Coleman (R) 50% Walter Mondale (D) 47% 


****Poll by Concord, NH Monitor on Nov. 3 for New Hampshire Senate Jeanne Shaheen (D) 47% John E. Sununu (R) 46% 

**"Official Results" Jeanne Shaheen (D) 47% John E. Sununu (R) 51% 

Bev Harris: 
They don't look at your paper ballot. Absentee votes are processed with the optical scan machine. In most states, it is against the law to compare the paper ballot count with the optical scan count unless you get a court order. 

Also, this same program has a nifty little function---this is in the manual---if you believe the voter's intent indicates that his vote should be changed, the operator of the optical scan software can right-click and change the vote. It can change a yes vote to a no... 

better hope that the people involved don't do too much right-clicking... 

But that's not the hack. Actually, my sources tell me there are probably many hacks, but this one is programmed in and it appears to be impossible to be an accidental function. Not a hole. A hack. 


This affects the WORLD Lately I started to look to see if these machines were being used in the international arena. Indeed they are. 

This not only affects elections here......it affects elections all over the place. 

For instance: Spain's Aznar had 31% approval rating going into last month's election. There were big worries about what would happen to Aznar's party standing. They kept their control and power. What is the election system in Spain? Are they using computerized voting. 

Yes, ES&S systems were used in Spain. 

What about Israel. Shoot.....the day before the election (was that this year or last fall?), Ariel Sharon was in deep doo-doo. (I don't recall the issue.....but it was about fraud and badness). How did he win a landslide the next day???????????  ##



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