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(Photo by Myles Aronowitz)


Part 1: Black Mink Ballet

down the dormitory stairs she comes
skin crawls on the back of my neck
her long hair is pulled back into a tight
knot turquoise earrings dangle from

her delicate lobes her black mink closes
neck to knees and black high heels reflect
bright February midday sun flooding
through the tall glass doors

her dark eyes like deep undiscovered pools
of still dark water pierce my turquoise
we take each other in when our fingers touch
electricity shocks in the taxi her legs cross

and all I see is skin like the white hot sun
halfway up her thigh her scent teases my
senses in the large old empty Kentucky
theatre we sit on ragged velvet seats in

the left corner of the back row EVERYTHING
is playing I put my left arm round her shoulders

she touches my left leg she is on the inside
next to the wall my right hand touches her
crossed legs she uncrosses and opens them
an inch or two with fingertips I slowly caress

her legs moving higher higher until I find
that under the black mink there is nothing
but the softest skin I've ever touched as the
movie opens with a doctor talking about sex

she unbuttons the black mink and as our lips
and tongues meet my hand moves up her body
to her throat as I hear the doctor say we will
now look through a oneway glass with mirror

on the other side into a laboratory room where
a man and a woman with wire monitors attached
begin to make love as their breathing quickens so
ours grows deeper and we take turns pulling sucking

each other's tongues down our throats I lick her
chin her cheeks her eyes her forehead her nose and
stick my tongue into her nostrils I lick her ears pull
each one into my mouth and run my tongue in and

clean her eardrums and as my right hand caresses
her nipples her breasts and moves down her stomach
my left hand pulls the black mink off and folds it over
the back of her seat then my fingernails flow scratching

her head her neck her shoulders her spine squeezing
her lower back her kidneys round and round her hips
down her crack and she raises her left leg so my fingers
can continue and at the first hole I encounter from

behind I pause circling pressing the center as my
right hand moves cross her stomach in and out
her naval through the curly hair I play pulling
tangles free and my lips and tongue kiss and lick

her breasts her nipples removing the trace of salt
from underneath and as the doctor explains the
necessity of clitoral stimulation both my hands
my fingers find their way to her wetness and while

I pull her left breast deep into my mouth down
my throat  my right index finger finds her flushed
clitoris and moves round and round back and forth
as my left hand fingers spread her dripping liquids

all round gently stroking in and out both her holes
deeper and deeper exploring touching her inner
world as her breathing quickens I take her right
breast deep into my mouth my throat then while

my hands still caress my tongue moves to her
stomach swabs out her navel moving down until
it is licking her clitoris back and forth pulling it
in sucking and licking fingers deep in her when

she whispers in vibrating voice "I want you in
my mouth? I turn my hand and my mouth never
stopping and slowly move my feet my legs to
standing position my head still between her legs

she undoes my pants pulls them down and
breathing hard rubs both her hands under my
shirt round my chest down my back round my
hips between my legs and probing my ass takes

me into her mouth but now my neck is about to
break so I slowly walk my feet my legs up the
chair I was sitting in up the wall behind us and
change dances from my pockets to the floor

making loud noise coins roll the long roll to the
front of the theatre stopping at the stage and to
support myself I pull my fingers out I drink in
all her dripping flowing licking sucking probing

with my tongue in 69 yin/yang/ourobouric position
hands on armrests holding me in place in old
Kentucky theatre backrow midday February and
on the screen man and woman moaning I slip

into another place as she pulls and pulls with her
tongue her mouth her throat I do the same drinking
her sacred elixir as she drinks mine and I run my
left hand fingers deep inside her vagina and butt

I move my tongue quicker and harder pulling her
clitoris in and in and now no talking from the screen
but music music soft rhythm growing I don't go down
I don't grow soft but stay hard as she licks my balls

taking each into her mouth licks my ass taking
my cock back in the singing the rhythm grows
a tune I recognize a swaying dancing beat her holes
are pulsing harder and harder she is dripping down

the chair and as I walk my tongue my mouth back
to her breasts her erect nipples my hands massage
her wet vagina and with shaking knees we stand
she leans on the chair in front I slide in behind and

with a finger run up her throbbing anal orifice my
lingum enters her yoni slow gentle deep faster brutal
pounding and before I move my hands to her waist
to pull and push and lift her body as I thrust she moves
her right hand to her clitoris and takes over her left
hand massaging my balls and my cock both of us
breathing hard and loud moaning with eyes nearly
blind rocking rolling in our heads I hear a multitude

singing a great dance song fills the theatre and as we
reach climax together with blurred hazy vision I squint
and can just make out the stage and see Jesus Wilt
Chamberlain and Patti Smith swaying Jesus at tenor

Wilt at bass Patti on guitar furiously passionately
leading the Mormon Tabernacle Choir asylumed
souls singing Sam and Dave's "Hold On I'm Comin?

Copyright " 2003 Ron Whitehead   ##  



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